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When you have dumpster rental needs you do not want to deal with a company that does not understand that your time is valuable. You need and deserve a company that is there for you and not to just make a quick buck. Discount Dumpster Rental is here to be that company for you and your dumpster needs.

When you deal with Discount Dumpster Rentals you are going to be dealing with a company that has a focus on customer service and getting you the local dumpster rental that you need to get the job done. Not only will discount Dumpster Rental be able to put you in contact with a local company, but they can do it at the best price in town.

Isn’t that what you are looking for when you need a dumpster? Discount Dumpster rental can put you in touch with the local company that has exactly what you need. Regardless of size or type, this company can get you what you need in order to take care of your trash removal needs.

Some companies will put you into a phone maze that will not only get you nowhere, but you will end up back where you began. That is no way to spend even one minute when you are busy and just need a dumpster delivered and then picked up so that you and your business can get the job done. When you call us, you will be talking with a live person in 20 seconds.

Whether you need a temporary or a permanent dumpster, Discount Dumpster Rentals can get you what you need. Top door, side door, or compactor it does not matter because discount Dumpster Rental works with the best dumpster companies in your town to provide you with the service you needs at a reasonable price.

No dumpster need is too big or too small, because the local dumpster rental companies that Discount Dumpster Rental works with will not only have what you need, they are going to be local and that is important to your business. When dealing with rental companies you need someone that is local just in case there are problems or issues. Nothing can hold up a construction job like a full dumpster and you not being able to get a hold of the rental company in order to get another one.

Discount Dumpster Rentals is in business to help you get your job done, and get it done at a good price, while receiving great customer service. If you need something special we have green dumpsters, or recycling dumpsters just waiting for you, no request will be too outside of the box for us.

When you have a dumpster needs, you need to get fast delivery and fast pick up in order to get your job done. Discount Dumpster Rental can do that for you. Call us at 888-652-8416 today!

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  • Dumpster Rental Tips

    When considering dumpster rentals, there are several important factors to consider. There are different types and styles of dumpsters, as well as sizes. The type of project often can have an impact on the type and size of the dumpster needed. Often, choices range between small local companies and larger, chain companies.

    The first thing to consider when it comes to dumpster rental is the size needed. Most dumpster companies carry dumpsters in 10, 20, 30, and 40 yard containers. A 10 yard dumpster is great for small projects such as cleaning out a basement or garage. A 20 yard dumpster is the average size used for most projects and usually fits best in most driveways. This size is great for small remodeling jobs like bathrooms or kitchens. A 30 yard dumpster is great for deck projects, large remodeling projects and appliances. The 40 yard dumpster is the largest size most companies offer. It is most often used by construction sites and commercial properties.

    After size, type is the next thing to consider when contemplating dumpster rentals. There are two types of dumpsters. One is the front load dumpster. This dumpster is the one most people are familiar with. It’s a large bin with a flip top lid on the top of the dumpster. These are usually used by businesses and are often long term or permanent rentals. The second type is a roll off dumpster, so named because of the way it is rolled off of the delivery truck. This is a long dumpster with no lid most often used in remodeling projects.

    Cost with dumpster rentals can be prohibitive so plenty of research should be done into the various companies available locally. Usually, smaller local garbage companies offer the best rates. Discount Dumpster Rentals will find the best local company for your needs and give you the lowest rates possible. Often local town and city ordinances require a permit or a small fee and there can be regulations regarding the placement and storage of dumpsters, so it may be in the best interest of the renter to call the city they reside in and ask about required permits and regulations and obtain permits before the dumpster is delivered.

    Once size, type and location have all been determined, before renting a dumpster, the renter should make sure that they have the surface where they will be storing their dumpster prepared. The space should be level, with all obstructions removed. If the storage space isn’t prepared, the dumpster company may not leave the dumpster and additional fees could be added for re-delivery.

    So when considering renting a dumpster, size, type, location and local ordinances are all factors that should be contemplated before making the call. We make renting a dumpster easy by providing a quote within minutes. Just call 888-652-8416 to rent your dumpster today!

    Dumpster Rental Types and Sizes

    If you have to pay for garbage service where you live then you already know what it is like to have dumpster rental of different type and size left at your home, because that garbage can they left is a very small dumpster. When you have trash removal needs, knowing what you need will certainly make the job easier.

    First you need to understand that there are two basic types of dumpster rental types and sizes; permanent and temporary. Permanent are the dumpsters that places like restaurants and apartment buildings have. They are left there and the truck comes once a week to empty them. Also available for these permanent dumpsters is a compactor which allows for much more trash to be thrown away each week.

    If your dumpster is not for a permanent need, then you will need a temporary dumpster rental. These are called roll off dumpsters, because they actually roll off the back of a trailer and are then picked up at a later date and hauled away. The key here is to make sure you have a large enough dumpster, so that you do not need to pay for another one before your job is done.

    These temporary dumpsters are used for construction sites and home clean outs. If you are going to have a large amount of trash, then you need a dumpster. The issue at this point is how big of a unit you will need because there are many choices when it comes to dumpster rental types and sizes.

    These dumpsters are categorized by how much they hold, anywhere from twenty yards up to fifty or more yards. Another consideration is what you are going to put into the dumpster. For most people, a mixed waste unit will do, but green dumpsters are available for those that are environmentally aware. There are many varieties of dumpster rental types and sizes.

    One final thing to think about if you are planning on getting a larger dumpster is that the larger dumpster rental types and sizes come with a walk in door, so that if you are going to have a lot of heavy trash like furniture you may want to consider this type as it will make you trash collection much easier.

    No matter what kind of dumpster rental types and sizes you select, getting rid of your trash should be quick and easy, so that you can get onto the more profitable business. Discount Dumpster Rentals can help you rent your dumpster today. Just give us a call at 888-652-8416.

    Discount Dumpster Rentals